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The Process: Archives, Documents, Reflections, and Revelations

One of the rarest books on The Process Church of Final Judgement you can find. 

The Process left their mark on everyone from Throbbing Gristle and Genesis P-Orridge, to the Manson family and Scientology after disbanding after a very short time.

This book is complied of various documents given to the writer by an unnamed member of the church, including photographs, essays and other crazy information that the British cult would include in their insanely designed magazines that they handed out on the streets of London in the 1960's. 

Released via a tiny Italian publishing house who specialise in cult related literature, there were only 555 books printed in total. 

Publisher: End of Kali-Yuga Editions

Publication Date: 2013

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition: Mint