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2000 Katsuhiro Otomo 'Akira Volume 1: The Beginning'

The first volume of arguably the most influential manga of all time, Akira.

Volume 1 was originally titled ‘Tetsuo’, but re titled ‘The Beginning’ when Dark Horse published the series once again starting in December of 2000. 

The manga is set in a post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, after a explosion destroy's the city. The story focuses on a teenage biker gang leader Kaneda, militant revolutionary Kei, a trio of espers, and Neo-Tokyo military leader Colonel Shikishima, who attempt to prevent Tetsuo, Kaneda's mentally imbalanced childhood friend, from using his unstable and powerful telekinetic abilities to ravage the city and awaken a mysterious individual with similar psychic abilities named "Akira".

The book is in good condition with some signs of wear on the cover.

Publisher:Dark Horse

Publication Date:2000


Book Condition:Very Good