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UG Aphex Twin 'D.R.U.K.Q.S' Black Snapback Cap

UG ‘DRUKQS’ Black Cotton Snapback Cap with embroidered logo.

Inspired by the bone shaking Aphex Twin Record of the same name drops this Friday at 6pm BST AT unifiedgoods.com. Celebrating the cult albums impending 21st Birthday, RDJ’s Birthday last week and the albums passionate connection to the historic county of Cornwall, UK. Just because it all needs celebrating tbf. 

The capsule art direction is directly inspired by the timeless/iconic D.A.R.E. merchandise from the late 80’s mashed up with the Acidic Drill n’ Bass relentlessness of the music housed within the album itself - we hope you like it…

*Note: This is a Pre Order and we have recently switched production supply for all our in-house merch - orders will now be shipped between 2-4 weeks*