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1993 Apple Newton PDA

An OG Apple Newton in your hands. Hard to let this one go, but hey. Solid grey unit with rainbow logo and display screen. Write and sketch away, out important dates in your calendar, show your iphone how its grandpa used to do things. Amaze your work colleagues at that next meeting...
For the uninitiated The Apple Newton was an early line of personal digital assistants (PDA) developed and marketed by Apple from 1993 to 1998. The original Newtons were based on the ARM 610 RISC processor and featured handwriting recognition software. Apple's official name for the device was "MessagePad"; the term "Newton" was Apple's name for the operating system it used (Newton OS), but popular usage of the word Newton has grown to include the device and its software together. The name is an allusion to Isaac Newton's apple.
Comes tested and working complete with stylus, 2 spare memory cards, pleather case and manual 

Made in: Japan

Condition: VG - just some mild wear to top of unit