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1997/1999 Aphex Twin 2 VHS Set


Double Set of both commercially released Aphex Twin VHS' from the mid-late 90's. Here's your chance to grab both in one hit. Essential -

1997 Warp VHS released as a visual accompaniment to the 'Come To Daddy' single

Features 3 full length music videos:

'On' directed by Jarvis Cocker and Martin Wallace, produced by Steve Mackey

'Donkey Rhubarb' directed by David Slade, produced by Robert Lloyd

'Come To Daddy (Director's Cut)' directed by Chris Cunningham, produced by Cindy Burnay

Does the last one need any introduction? Twisted genuis. Impossible to unsee

Tested and working. Made in UK PAL Version

1999 VHS released as a visual accompaniment to the 'Windowlicker' single on Warp Records

Features 2 full length music videos:

'Windowlicker (Long Version)'

'Windowlicker (Bleep Version)'

Both directed by Chris Cunningham and produced by Cindy Burnay

Made in UK PAL Version