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1971 Rolling Stone Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas issues 95/96

What ended up being one of the most influential books of modern literature started out as a two piece story within the relativley new music publication Rolling Stone magazine.

Hunter Thompson had been on two trips to Las Vegas to cover political figures and a motorcycle desert race. After a 36-hour writing spree within his hotel room, he had the basis for 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream' (to give it its full name). Over two issues, the 'novel feature' was published for the first time and combinded with British illustrator Ralph Steadman's grotesque ink work, created something quite beautiful.

The style of writing that came from the book (known as 'Gonzo' journalism) created its own genre and changed the way young writers put pen to paper.

It's not often we have true pieces of history within the store, but these two issues are museum worthy.

Both issues are in good used condition with discolouration and light marks throughout. There are a few tears in the newsprint, but both issues are still in great condition for 50 years old.

Made in USA