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1991 Bret Easton Ellis 'American Psycho' 1st Ed UK Softback

1991 UK 1st Edition softback Picador copy of Bret Easton Ellis' disturbing transgressive black comedy/horror novel American Psycho (first published the same year) with beautiful cover art by Marshall Arisman

The story is told in the first person, as we follow the day-to-day life of Patrick Bateman - a mid-20s investment banker working on Wall Street in the late 1980's. Bateman idolizes Donald Trump and enjoys fine dining, high fashion, snorting cocaine, critiquing pop music and murdering people. A fascinating, expertly written critique of capitalism, American Psycho is an intensely dark journey and certainly not for everyone. If you enjoyed the '2000 film and haven't experienced the book, we definitely recommend. Unforgettable and very re-readable


Publication Date:1991

Edition: 1st


Book Condition:Very Good