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1998 Hunter S. Thompson 'The Proud Highway'

1998 Boomsbury copy of this fascinating collection of one of America's most influential journalists - Hunter S. Thompson's private and most intimate letters written during the 1960's

They're all here, from Norman Mailer and Charles Kuralt, to Joan Baez, Tom Wolfe, and Lyndon Johnson, the NRA, his mother, and a whole load of newspaper editors. A hugely insightful and honest read, highly recommended for fans of his work and any aspiring authors

Includes: 'The Fear and Loathing Letters Volume 1' and 'Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman: 1955-1967'

Edited by Douglas Brinkley, foreword by William J. Kennedy


Publication Date:1998


Book Condition:VG

10% of the profits of this sale will go towards Not A Phase - a registered charity supporting the lives of trans+ adults across the UK