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2000 Katsuhiro Otomo 'Akira' series 1-6

Full set of the english langauge, black and white 'Akira' graphic novels from Dark Horse, released from December 2000, to March 2002

These trade paperbacks were the first time the manga was released in volume form, collected together like Otomo wanted, after Marvel released individual comic editions in the early 90s.

The manga is set in a post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, after a explosion destroy's the city. The story focuses on a teenage biker gang leader Kaneda, militant revolutionary Kei, a trio of espers, and Neo-Tokyo military leader Colonel Shikishima, who attempt to prevent Tetsuo, Kaneda's mentally imbalanced childhood friend, from using his unstable and powerful telekinetic abilities to ravage the city and awaken a mysterious individual with similar psychic abilities named "Akira".


Publication Date:2000 - 2002


Book Condition:Very Good