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1987 Brian Eno 'Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan' VHS

Lovely 1987 VHS copy of Brian Eno's Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan - often praised as 'the first ambient film'

Eno shot these dream-like cloudy views of New York City from his 13th floor apartment in 1980–81 and paired them with ambient works. Originally exhibited in galleries, this edited 47 minute version was released for home viewing in 1987. As Eno had no tripod at the time he shot the footage with his camera on its side, so in order to enjoy the full experience the film must be viewed vertically (by turning your TV on its right side)


- Dawn

- Menace

- Towers

- Lights

- Empire

- Appearance

- Lafayette

Tested and working perfectly

Made in UK PAL version