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1968 Arthur C. Clarke '2001: A Space Odyssey'

First US softcover of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ from British writer Arthur C. Clarke, written alongside the movie by Stanley Kubrick. This edition features the same image as the hardcover, but the choice of font colours on this softback edition relates to the psych 'star gate' sequence of the movie.

The story is based on various short stories by Clarke, including one, 'The Sentinel', which was written 20 years earlier for a radio competition, and not published officially until a few years later. What you will read in the pages of the novel differs slightly from the final version of the movie. Having been based more so on early drafts of the film when Clarke and Kubrick were working on a more collaborative basis, the book being published after the film was released in theatres.

The book is in Very good condition with all pages in tact, with creases on spine and cover pictured.


Publication Date:1968


Book Condition: VG