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1991 'The Last Movie' VHS

Ex-rental copy with iconic Blockbuster video sticker on the casette of Dennis Hoppers 'The Last Movie' in the NTSC card case.

Released after the iconic 'Easy Rider', this is the movie that sent Hopper over the edge, spending millions and filming in the middle of the jungle in Peru.

Hopper is a stunt coordinator in charge of horses on a western being shot in a small Peruvian village. Following a tragic incident on the set, Hopper decides to stay in Peru with a local woman thinking he has found paradise, but is soon called in to help in a bizarre incident: the Peruvian natives are "filming" their own movie with "cameras" made of sticks, and acting out real western movie violence, as they don't understand movie fakery.

Card case still in good condition with visable wear and sticker on front.

Tested and working perfectly. Made in USA. NTSC version.