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2014 Madvillain 'Madvillainy' Cassette

2014 Stones Throw Cassette Store Day edition of Doom and Madlib’s awesome debut (and only) album as Madvillain

Recorded from 2002-2004 and produced almost entirely by Madlib himself, the majority of the beats were made in a hotel room during a trip to Brazil using just a Boss SP-303, a turntable and a tape deck. Couple his genius production with Doom’s razor sharp lyrics and delivery and you have an underground hip hop masterpiece...


A1 - The Illest Villains
A2 - Accordion
A3 - Meat Grinder
A4 - Bistro
A5 - Raid
A6 - America's Most Blunted
A7 - Sickfit (Inst.)
A8 - Rainbows
A9 - Curls
A10 - Do Not Fire! (Inst.)
A11 - Money Folder
B1 - Scene Two (Voice Skit)
B2 - Shadows Of Tomorrow
B3 - Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test
B4 - Figaro
B5 - Hardcore Hustle
B6 - Strange Ways
B7 - (Intro)
B8 - Fancy Clown
B9 - Eye
B10 - Supervillain Theme (Inst.)
B11 - All Caps
B12 - Great Day
B13 - Rhinestone Cowboy

Cat Number: STH2065  

Made in USA