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1991 Final Fantasy IV Japanese Minimum Album

Super cool Japanese release of this Mini CD album which features a collection of arranged and unreleased tracks from the excellent Final Fantasy IV original score by Nobuo Uematsu


1. Prologue... (Arranged)

2. Theme Of Love (Arranged)

3. The Origin (Unreleased Track)

4. Restless Moments (Unreleased Track)

5. The Sea Of Silence (Unreleased Track)

6. The Prelude (Crystal Mix)

Most tray-loading CD devices have 2 circular indentations; one sized for a regular 120 mm CD, and a smaller, deeper circular indentation for Mini CDs to fit into, except for some Blu-ray players. Devices that feature a spindle also support Mini CDs, as the disc can simply be placed onto the spindle as with a normal CD

Matrix code: N09D-004  

CD : VG+

Cover : VG+

Made in Japan