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1966 LIFE Magazine LSD Issue

The March 25th issue of Life magazine focused its cover story on the dangers of LSD and the affect it was having on its young users in the mid 60's.

A huge increase in the use of the drug was sweeping the United States and this piece was one of the first think pieces that was written for the masses in mainstream media. Within the feature are also some of the most well known images documenting the LSD experience. Some have been included in artworks and album covers, the most recognisable image would be the man looking at his giant shadow on the ground, that the Flaming Lips would use as the image on their 'The Soft Bulletin' album cover. 

The magazine is in very good condition with a previous owners subscription sticker on the front

Made in USA

Publisher: Life

Publication Date: 1996

Binding: Magazine

Book Condition: VG