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1992 Sensible Soccer Amiga Game

Beautiful boxed and complete '92/93 season edition of Sensible Soccer: European Champions for the Amiga

If you were a gamer back in the 90s you'll lovingly remember this one as 'Sensi'. A truly groundbreaking football game that has yet to be topped, nearly 30 years on. Sensible Soccer blew all other football sims out of the water with its fast paced intuative gameplay, zoomed out birds-eye view of the pitch with Subbuteo style players, fun vibrant graphics and features such as 'aftertouch'. Widely recognised as one of the Amiga's best ever games, it spawned multiple sequels and gained a cult following. This is the improved '92/93 edition with added extras such as yellow/red cards and suspensions. We can't recommend Sensi enough, a football game so good you need zero interest in the sport to enjoy. 'They think it's all over...'

Made in the UK by Sensible Software. For use with Amiga 500/1200

Box: Light corner wear

2 x disks and manual: Excellent condition. Tested and working perfectly