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1994 Soundgarden 'Superunknown' Cassette

Original cassette copy of Soundgarden's fourth studio album, the grunge masterpiece 'Superunknown', released in March 1994 on A&M Records

The band began work on the album two months after their 'Badmotorfinger' Lollapalooza tour, and according to frontman Chris Cornell, each member would work on material of their own, bringing demos to sessions for the others to collaborate on. This gave the band more freedom than on previous records, capturing the punk and metal influences of their earlier works whilst showcasing a newly evolving style.
'Superunknown' ranked at no. 9 on Rolling Stone's "50 Greatest Grunge Albums" list in 2019, and it's not hard to see why. Essential mid 90s alt rock...


A1 - Let Me Drown
A2 - My Wave
A3 - Fell On Black Days
A4 - Mailman
A5 - Superunknown
A6 - Head Down
A7 - Black Hole Sun
B1 - Spoonman
B2 - Limo Wreck
B3 - The Day I Tried To Live
B4 - Kickstand
B5 - Fresh Tendrils
B6 - 4th Of July
B7 - Half
B8 - Like Suicide
B9 - She Likes Surprises