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2012 David Byrne 'How Music Works'

Talking Heads frontman and legendary musician/composer/writer David Byrne discusses the form and influence of music in his awesome book 'How Music Works'

Set out in a non-linear structure, elements of Byrne's autobiography - including his career with Talking Heads, music theory and almost manual-like information are intermixed with anthropological data. Byrne looks at the subtle influence of the natural music we find around us - such as birdsong, and discusses the intricate design of opera houses, concert halls and clubs, as well as the places he draws inspiration from when writing - such a recording of a preacher for the lyrics of "Once in a Lifetime". Highly recommended for all music lovers


Publication Date:2012


Book Condition:VG

10% of the profits of this sale will go towards Not A Phase - a registered charity supporting the lives of trans+ adults across the UK