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1992 The Orb 'The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (Patterns & Textures)' VHS

Original VHS copy of the mind-bending live mixed version of The Orb's debut album, 'The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld'

The soundtrack was recorded live at Fridge in Brixton on Sunday May 12th 1992, then digitally remixed by The Orb. An ethereal blend of ambient, house, techno, reggae, dub, breakbeat, and leftfield (we could go on!) combined with insane early 90s video editing techniques, nothing quite captures the spirit of 1992 like this one. From the back cover:

"...this video of The Orb is an adventure of textures and patterns in a visual form. The Orb begin their journey with Little Fluffy Clouds and Earth (Gaia) in orbit, and from there follow the ascent to the Towers Of Dub to experience the Perpetual Dawn. Meanwhile Star 6 & 789 slowly disappears onto the horizon bringing them to the final leg of their adventure. The Orb find themselves at the Outlands near the edge of the gig, only to discover they cannot find the missing brain which has been 'nicked' by aardvark..."Orb be in u, Orb be out u"


Little Fluffy Clouds
Earth (Gaia)
Towers Of Dub
Perpetual Dawn
Star 6 & 7 8 9

Approx running time: 53 mins

Tested and working. Made in UK PAL Version

10% of the profits of this sale will go towards The Ben Raemers Foundation - aiming to end the stigma that often clouds issues of mental health within the skateboarding community