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1987/1973 J. Krishnamurti 'The Penguin Krishnamurti Reader/The Second Penguin Krishnamurti Reader'

Two nice Penguin copies of J. Krishnamurti's first and second 'Krishnamurti Reader' books

A hugely influential and insightful spiritual figure, Krishnamurti's teachings explore what he calls 'the art of living'. Living and dying, life without conflict, skill and clarity in action, and daily meditation are all covered. The books seamlessly integrate psychology, philosophy, and religion, and were radical in their day for seeking truth beyond boundaries. As he declared “Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever”...


Publication Date:1987/1973


Book Condition: VG/G

10% of the profits of this sale will go towards The Ben Raemers Foundation - aiming to end the stigma that often clouds issues of mental health within the skateboarding community