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1997 'The Princess Mononoke' Japanese Mini CD

Beautifully packaged Japanese 5” Mini CD album featuring two versions of Yoshikazu Mera's song 'The Princess Mononoke' from the classic Ghibli film's original soundtrack, released on Studio Ghibli Records in June 1997


- The Princess Mononoke

- The Princess Mononoke (Karaoke)

Most tray-loading CD devices have 2 circular indentations; one sized for a regular 120 mm CD, and a smaller, deeper circular indentation for Mini CDs to fit into, except for some Blu-ray players. Devices that feature a spindle also support Mini CDs, as the disc can simply be placed onto the spindle as with a normal CD

Cat Number: TKDA-71167  

Condition: VG+/VG+

Made in Japan