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Early 00's Re/Search William Burroughs T-Shirt

Super bold Burroughs T-Shirt from San Francisco's Re/Search Publications. 

The image is from a he 1982 RE/Search Vale published book which brings together the work of Burroughs alongside avant-garde painter Brion Gysin and industrial music gods Throbbing Gristle

The three discussed advanced ideas including the social control process, creativity and the future. Includes: interviews, essays, scarce fiction, rare photos, bibliographies, discographies, chronologies & illustrations. An 80s underground classic publication and this is the tshirt..

Features their iconic red/black cover print to the chest, with an image of the great beat gen writer holding his rifle alongside the quote 'We intend to destroy all dogmatic verbal systems...'. Sofly worn Anvil shirt in excellent condition throughout with just a few subtle marks red marks (visible in pictures)

100% Cotton. Made in USA / Honduras by Anvil

Tagged XL, fits a modern XL