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1995 Smashing Pumpkins 'Vieuphoria' VHS

Really nice copy of this legendary long form music video from 1995

Includes various live performances (the majority of which are from the Siamese Dream tour) plus previously unreleased songs, behind the scenes chats and comedy bits from their archives. 90 minutes of bliss for any Pumpkins fan


1 - Quiet (Live Atlanta 1993)

2 - Disarm (Live English TV)

3 - Cherub Rock (Acoustic) (Live On MTV Europe)

4 - Today (Live In Chicago 1993)

5 - I Am One (Live In Barcelona 1993)

6 - Soma (Live In London 1994)

7 - Slunk (Live On Japanese TV 1992)

8 - Geek U.S.A. (Live On German TV 1993)

9 - Mayonaise (Acoustic) (Live Everywhere 1988-1994)

10 - Silvercrank (Live In London 1994)

In very good condition with no damage, just a little fraying to box edges

Tested and working perfectly

Made in UK. PAL version